The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) was established in 1920 under the Indian Red Cross Society Act
and incorporated under the Parliament Act XV of 1920 (as Amended by Act No. 22 of 1956 and the
Adaptation of Laws (No 4) order of 1957 and the Act. No. 14 of 1992). It is a member of the International
Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and is recognized by the International
Committee of the Red Cross.

In accordance with the Fundamental Principles of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent
Movement, namely : Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity,
and Universality
the Indian Red Cross Society acts as an auxiliary to the state in the carrying out of
humanitarian activities.

Youth Red Cross Body

The president, programme officer / counsellor and two peer educators will form the Junior or Youth Red
Cross body of the college respectively which will guide the affairs of the Red Cross group in the institution.

Role and responsibilities of college body

  • Enrolment register of volunteers,
  • Membership fund management and remittance as per orders,
  • Income & expenditure register,
  • Stock register,
  • Attendance register for volunteers,
  • Register of project activity reports,
  • Blood donors directory,
  • Conduct community reach programme and maintain expenditure.

Suggested activities for youth groups at college level

a. Organize games/mock drills /exhibitions/lectures/demonstration on health & hygiene, disaster
(man made, natural), road safety, climate change) in colege it can be supplement to the
b. Organize health camps (the CDMO and doctors in the locality should be consulted in this
c. Organise cultural programmes.
d. Observation of important days.
e. Facilitate youth volunteers to carry out community outreach activities.
f. Organize demonstration of fire fighting in consultation with the fire station closest to the college.
g. Help develop a disaster plan for the classroom of college.
h. Nomination of delegates for and organize inter-state and international programmes such as
i. Take emergency relief measures to the victims of natural disaster such as flood, fire, drought,
cyclone, earthquake, epidemic, manmade disaster such as accidents etc. Within reach of the
college on priority basis with available funds and intimate the local authorities about it immediately

and district HQ soon. Such operations must be conducted under the direct
supervision of the YRC counsellor/programme officer.
j. Visit anganbadi, orphanage, school for the blind, institutions for the physically handicapped with
k. Help the Youth for fund raising activities for Red Cross.
l. Organise short duration (one day, two day) special service programmes/camps during local
fairs and festivals.
m. Make their own short term projects for the community such as:
i. Literacy campaign
ii. Health & Hygiene
iii. Stigma & discrimination
n. Issue certificates along with award to the best students who actively participate in the Red Cross
Activities (Yearly)- college level such as:
i. Best peer educator
ii. Best Youth Volunteer award
iii. Maintain the records of membership funds


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