Chemistry Department


  • To produce knowledgeable graduates for careers in academia, industry and government.
  • To build foundation for excellence and prompt development of the Institution as a leading Institution, by inducing and nurturing enthusiasm, interests and passion, in the study of chemistry, in professional courses, as a part of curricula.
  • To be globally relevant, we formulate our students to contribute for sci-tech world.
  • We are committed to provide a comprehensive curriculum in the chemical sciences and to explore new chemical frontiers in various disciplines through visionary research, innovation, collaboration and scholarship.
  • Promoting the collegial exchange of ideas, independent thought, and the highest ethical standards.
  • The department will continue to co-operate effectively with other departments to offer interdisciplinary programs and offer excellent and fascinating introductory courses which will both instruct and stimulate students in all the programs.


  • Our department enriched with well equipped classrooms, laboratories and expertise faculty members.
  • We are dedicated to rigorous standards for content knowledge, communication skills, research quality, and professional behaviour. We are committed to demonstrate science as a human endeavour and to understand the natural world.
  • We will graduate scientists who are knowledgeable in chemistry, embrace recognized standards of ethical scientific behaviour, and engage in safe and sustainable chemical practices.
  • Chemistry Department is committed to help each student to achieve her personal academic potential by creating an environment that promotes frequent interactions, independent thought, innovations, modern technologies and increased opportunities.
  • Supervision of the developmental activities makes the Department vibrant and to introduce pioneering programs with funding, that will embrace heritage and values of the Institution.
  • The Chemistry Department is committed to enhance the quality of the chemistry through basic and applied research frameworks, and also to encourage students to take competitive exams like NET & SLET and entrance exams for higher studies.
  • The Chemistry Department acclaims to increase enrolment in the chemistry programs. Also, enhances services to the community and build partnerships with the industry to achieve the department goals.

Department Established

Sl. No Course Subject Year of Establishment
1 B.Sc Chemistry 2013
2 M.Sc Chemistry 2016

Admission Details

Sl. No Course Subject Academic Year Admitted strength
1 B.Sc Chemistry 2013 – 2016 50
2 B.Sc Chemistry 2014-2017 100
3 B.Sc Chemistry 2015-2018 136
4 B.Sc Chemistry 2016-2019 150
5 B.Sc Chemistry 2017-2020 150
6 B.Sc Chemistry 2018-2021 132
7 B.Sc Chemistry 2019-2022 132
8 M.Sc Chemistry 2016-2018 6
9 M.Sc Chemistry 2017-2019 19
10 M.Sc Chemistry 2018-2020 22
11 M.Sc Chemistry 2019-2021 33