Mathematics Department

The PG department of Mathematics was established in 2012. Post Graduate course was introduced during the year 2015-2016. The department of mathematics helps the students motivates them to develop curious minds and curiosity about mathematics, the funny side of vedic maths, which will enhance their IQ level.

Intensive coaching is given to achieve academic excellence. Our department faculty members serve to the growing young and aspiring women students to ahieve goals. Students are trained to communicate mathematical ideas, think creatively and solve the problems.

The department of mathematics strives to maintain high standards of teaching in various areas of pure and applied mathematics


The department of mathematics has always strived to be among the best mathematics departments in the country and has worked towards becomes a centre for advanced research in various areas of mathematics so that it can contribute to the development of the nation.


  • To work towards transformation of young people to component and motivated professionals with sound theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • To make students aware of technology to explore mathematical concepts through activities and experimentation.
  • To inculcate in students the ability to apply mathematical and computational skills to model, formulate and solve real life application
  • To make the students capable of discharging professional, socialand economic responsibilities ethically.


To prepare them to pursue higher studies and conduct research

  • To provide students with knowledge and capability in formulating and analysis mathematical models in real life applications
  • To introduce the fundamentals of mathematics to students and strengthen the student’s logical and analytical ability.

2.Department Established

  • B.Sc [ Bachelor of Science]
  • M.Sc [ Master of Science]
  • M.Phil [ Master of Philosophy]

Admission Details

Sl. No Course Subject Academic Year Sanctioned strength Admitted strength
1 B.Sc Mathematics 2012-2013 60+10 51
2 B.Sc Mathematics 2013-2014 120+20 106
3 B.Sc Mathematics 2014-2015 120+20 122
4 B.Sc Mathematics 2015-2016 180+30 163
5 B.Sc Mathematics 2016-2017 180+30 158
6 B.Sc Mathematics 2017-2018 180+30 210
7 B.Sc Mathematics 2018-2019 180+18 184
8 B.Sc Mathematics 2019-2020 180+18 145
9 M.Sc Mathematics 2015-2016 36 33
10 M.Sc Mathematics 2016-2017 36 14
11 M.Sc Mathematics 2017-2018 36 32
12 M.Sc Mathematics 2018-2019 36 35
13 M.Sc Mathematics 2019-2020 36 36
14 M.PHIL Mathematics 2016-2017 10 7
15 M.PHIL Mathematics 2017-2018 2 1